About Nick Eakins

Nick Eakins in the Indian HimalayasOriginally from the UK which I visit regularly, I fell in love with Asia on my first trip twenty years ago and determined to spend as much time as possible documenting photographically the fascinating lifestyles of the people and the beautiful landscapes in which they live.

For many years I have based myself in a quiet Himalayan village in India from the months of May to November and in Thailand for the remainder of the year, from where I travel to the neighbouring countries: Burma, Laos, Vietnam, etc.

Tour client photographing HimalayasI feel I have a real rapport with the people I photograph and their environment, especially in this rapidly changing modern world where their traditional ways of life are largely under threat of disappearing altogether.

I love my work and feel the need to document these distinctive cultures before they are lost to us all forever. I hope my pictures offer a small insight into their world, and for those wishing to go beyond the images to the reality, I invite you to come with me to these places in person on one of
my tours.

I look forward to your emails and questions.