My Tours of India and SE Asia

Cycle Tour group in the high HimalayasI conduct tours in the region aimed at providing specialist services to individuals and small groups seeking personalised adventures with a locally based expert and guide who eliminates all the red tape and hassle for you - so you can focus purely on your interests.

Due to my extensive range of contacts in the region, I am able to cater to most special interests, such as natural history, botany, photography, geology, mountain sports, anthropology, to name a few. Just let me know and we'll arrange a memorable trip for you.

Naturally, those wanting to Clients meet Himalayan nomadsdevelop their photo collections of India or Southeast Asia, and perhaps learn a few tricks of the trade with a professional photographer en route, will be in good hands. Just tell me your photographic interests - be it landscapes, nature, temples, culture, minority groups, etc. - and we'll create a tailor-made itinerary, according to your timeframe and budget, in order to make it happen.

Please note that due to regional climate, Himalayan tours are best done from May - September, while the Plains of India are best visited between October - February. Southeast Asia, on the other hand, is best visited between December - March.